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What about HOME STAGING?

For all of us that are fans of HGTV shows, staging is a must! After all, who wants to see an empty house? The furniture, chandeliers, tableware, flowers, rugs, props, the mix of textures, new trends, colors.... It all brings us the "home sweet home" feeling and who doesn't love that?

It is known that staging helps sell houses faster and for a higher price!

We now offer staging services through Flavia's Home as well as interior decorating and interior redesign for the Greater Houston area.

What is the difference you ask?

Perhaps the most well known is HOME STAGING. Basically it is to help homeowners, investors and realtors sell houses by making the houses buyer-friendly. We help homebuyers envision the house's space with possibilities rather than empty rooms because the homebuyers often have a hard time imagining something beyond what they can see. Staging helps the buyer picture themselves living in the space immediately.

INTERIOR DECORATION is all about helping people to redecorate interior spaces. It can be a single room or an entire house. The scope of decoration can include everything from new paint to new furniture to an entirely new overall theme. Interior decorating is also for more than just homes. Sometimes a fresh design in the office, restaurant or meeting venue helps to ensure just the right environment or make that great impression on the guests.

Lastly, an INTERIOR REDESIGNER is basically an interior decorator working with what is already available. Interior redesigners help clients to redecorate their living or working areas using furniture and accessories they already have. Like interior decorating, interior redesign could include changing the color scheme, painting walls, adding more accessories, and removing furniture and accessories that don’t fit in.

So, now that you know what your choices are, call us today for a consultation.

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